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Recycling - Where is it going?

August 23, 2018

Your recycling may not be ending up where you think!  I don't know about y'all, but the whole reason that I spend the extra time to separate my recyclables from my trash (and wash food containers, etc.) is because I expect them to end up where they are supposed to - at a recycling facility to be recycled.  Hearing that some cities' recycling is ending up in a landfill was a shock to me!

Below is a link to this New York Times Article that goes into detail about the truth behind recycling programs, and the issues we are facing with them. 

While we are on this subject, take a moment to look into your recycling program to see what items are actually recyclable and what items are not allowed in your recycling bins.  You may be surprised that some items you think are recyclable, are actually not - and could be costing your recycling provider a lot in removing the non-recyclables or in damage to machines! 

For more information on environmental issues, check out Victoria Sheedy's blog, The Real Life Environmentalist (link at bottom of page)!

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